Choosing portable bathtub

Although most newborns need only sponging down to clean them, you might like to have all your equipment on hand before baby comes home. For bathing, many parents enjoy using portable bathtubs made especially for babies. A portable bathtub is an oval or rectangular dish- panlike plastic basin for bathing the baby, particularly in the first few months.

A portable bath gives you the options of bathing your baby anywhere that is convenient. If you’re using a portable bathtub, be sure it’s on a stable surface – a kitchen table or counter works great because there’s generally more room for Mom and Dad to move about than in the bathroom.

There are plenty of portable bathtubs on the market these days that make bath time a whole lot easier — and more fun for both of you. The size and shape of the portable tub you choose should relate to where you intend to use it. Bathtub also should be big enough to use until the baby can use the adult bath. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines as to age recommendations for the particular bathtub you choose.

Puj Flyte - Compact Infant Bath
Puj Flyte - Compact Infant Bath

If you looking best portable bathtub for baby bathing, Compact Infant Bath by Puj can be a good decision.

The Puj Tub mini makes bath time easy at home or on the go. Its compact shape allows it to fit in a suitcase, making it the perfect travel companion.

This good portable bathtub available in,, and

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