How to choose the right breast pump

Not everyone needs a breast pump, though most women will use a breast pump at some point in their nursing career. A breast pump is a hand-operated or motor-driven device that creates suction. In general, there are three kinds of breast pumps: hospital grade, electric, and manual breast pump. Choosing a breast pump depends on your baby’s age and how you intend to use it. If you plan to pump each day, you should buy a high-quality breast pump. As a rule of thumb, you should look for a pump that is designed to mimic an infant’s sucking patterns by pumping the breast approximately 40 to 50 times each minute.

Ask your doctor or pediatrician to recommend a breast pump. The nursery in the hospital where you deliver may also be able to give you information about breast pumps. If you can’t get personal recommendation, do your own research by reading baby magazine or online on the internet. There you can get practical information such as descriptions and prices of various pumps, how they are used, and their advantages and disadvantages.

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