Improving Your Child’s Self Esteem

Improving your child’s self-esteem should be one of your first priorities. Parents desiring to improve their child’s self-esteem must commit themselves to providing an extra measure of love, appreciation, acknowledgment, and support. There are many different ways to boos child’s self-esteem. One of the best methods to improve child’s self-esteem is by using praise as much as possible when it is appropriate.

Make a list of the things you think your child is good at. Also, include his positive traits and anything you think makes him special and worthy of praise. Show the list to your child and ask him if there is anything else you should add to the list. Once the list is complete, hang it up in a place where he can see it every day. When he’s feeling down or depressed, have him read the list aloud. Regular reinforcement of your child’s positive traits and value can help him weather the difficult days.

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